The International Association of Commercial Administrators

The International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA) is a professional association for government administrators of business organization and secured transaction registries at the state, provincial, territorial, and national level in the United States and Canada.

IACA has been and remains the primary educational and information resource for its members. It has now become the principal instrument for positive change in the environments in which its members operate and seeks to extend that effort to all interested jurisdictions.

IACA is dedicated to the education of and exchange of ideas among its members at annual general meetings and through newsletters throughout the year. Emphasis is placed on greater efficiency in government and in providing superior service at the least possible cost.



Alaska – Division of Corps, Business and Professional Licensing

Alabama – Secretary of State

Alaska – Department of Natural Resources (UCC)

Arizona – Secretary of State

Arizona – Corporation Commission

Arkansas – Secretary of State

California – Secretary of State

Colorado – Secretary of State

Connecticut – Secretary of State

Delaware – Secretary of State

District of Columbia – Department of Licensing & Consumer Protection

District of Columbia – Recorder of Deeds (UCC)

Florida – Secretary of State

Georgia – Secretary of State

Georgia – Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority (UCC)

Hawaii – Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs

Hawaii – Bureau of Conveyances (UCC)

Idaho – Secretary of State

Illinois – Secretary of State

Indiana – Secretary of State

Iowa – Secretary of State

Kansas – Secretary of State

Kentucky – Secretary of State

Louisiana – Secretary of State

Maine – Secretary of State

Maryland – Department of Assessment & Taxation

Massachusetts – Secretary of the Commonwealth

Michigan – Corporations Division

Michigan – Secretary of State (UCC)

Minnesota – Secretary of State

Mississippi – Secretary of State

Missouri – Secretary of State

Montana – Secretary of State

Nebraska – Secretary of State

Nevada – Secretary of State

New Hampshire – Secretary of State

New Jersey – Division of Revenue

New Mexico – Secretary of State

New York – Department of State

North Carolina – Secretary of State

North Dakota – Secretary of State

Ohio – Secretary of State

Oklahoma – Secretary of State

Oklahoma – County Clerk’s Office (UCC)

Oregon – Secretary of State

Pennsylvania – Department of State

Rhode Island – Secretary of State

South Carolina – Secretary of State

South Dakota – Secretary of State

Tennessee – Secretary of State

Texas– Secretary of State

Utah – Department of Commerce

Vermont – Secretary of State

Virginia – State Corporation Commission

Washington – Secretary of State

Washington – Department of Licensing (UCC)

West Virginia – Secretary of State

Wisconsin – Department of Financial Institutions

Wyoming – Secretary of State

Alberta – Service Alberta

British Columbia – Ministry of Citizens’ Services

Canada – Federal Government – Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

Manitoba – Ministry of Growth, Enterprise and Trade

New Brunswick – Service New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador – Service Newfoundland & Labrador

Northwest Territories – Ministry of Justice

Nova Scotia – Service Nova Scotia

Nunavut – Ministry of Justice

Ontario – Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Prince Edward Island – Department of Justice and Public Safety

Quebec – Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity

Saskatchewan – Information Services Corporation

Saskatchewan -Office of Public Registry Administration Yukon Territory – Department of Community Services

Australia – Australian Financial Security Authority

Belize – Belize International Affairs Corporate Registry

Bermuda – The Registrar of Companies

Bhutan –  Royal Monetary Authority

Croatia – Financial Agency

Columbia – Chamber of Commerce

Denmark – Danish Business Authority

France – Government Portal

Germany – Judicial Register for the German Federal States

Germany – Ministry of Justice, State of North Rhine Westphalia

Ghana – Bank of Ghana Collateral Registry

Gibraltar – Companies House Gibraltar

Guernsey – Guernsey Registry

Italy – Chamber of Commerce

Ireland – Companies Registration Office

Jersey Channel Islands – Financial Services Commission

Netherlands – Government of the Netherlands

New Zealand – New Zealand Companies Office

Nigeria – National Collateral Registry (Central Bank of Nigeria)

North Macedonia – Central Register

Norway – Register of Business Enterprises, Company Accounts and Bankruptcies

Qatar – Qatar Financial Center

Romania – Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Serbia – Business Registers Agency

Slovenia – AJPES – Agency for Public Legal Records and Related Services

South Africa – CIPC | Your business, our focus

Spain – Spanish Registrars

Turks and Caicos Islands – Financial Services Commission

United Arab Emirates – Government of Dubai

Zambia – PACRA – Patents and Companies Registration Agency